Who's Competing For "The Lindy"

Postby Tom Kessenich » Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:36 pm

In 2009, Lindy Hinkelman proved the seemingly impossible was indeed possible, winning two national events in the same year. That season, Lindy took home the overall titles in our Main Event and the Online Championship. That prestigious achievement earned him an additional $75,000 cash bonus on top of all of his other winnings.

We are once again providing this exciting bonus to our NFBC players this year. For anyone who wins both the Main Event and the Online Championship, a cool $75,000 will be yours. You can enter each event as many times as you want. All you need to do at the end of the season is be sitting atop the overall standings in each event and the $75,000 will be yours.

We'll track our players competing for "The Lindy" this year in this thread and update it with each new participant. Here's the list of NFBC players who are hoping to join Lindy as winners of this incredible achievement:

1. Pat DePirro
2. Michael McElroy
3. Don Brady
4. Ryan Atkins
5. David DiDonato
6. Mark Miller
7. Dave Clum
8. Scott Shudy
9. Johnny Galvis
10. Ronny Mor
11. Les Travis
12. Roger Garvin
13. Kris Carroll
14. Jim Christie
15. Scott Fleming
16. Joe Martino
17. Duke Viveros
18. Henry Tang
19. David Potts
20. Marc Ewing-Chow
21. James Fares
22. Billy Wu
23. Jason Nichols
23. Tom Zarogiannos
24. Alan Greenberg
25. Jeff Dobies
26. Kyle Brinkmann
27. Scott Fleming
28. David Hubbard
29. Gaetan Lavoie
30. Marcel Bilak
31. William Perry
32. David Longood
33. Scott Vetter
34. Michael Edelman
35. Hal Goldstein
36. Dave Gilland
37. Eric Heberlig
38. Ken Magner
39. Bob Particelli
40. Norm Kent
41. Michael Leone
42. Dan Semsel
43. Nelson Sousa
44. George Kleemann
45. Bernie Bennett
46. Paul Weber
47. Dominic Cirigliano
48. Derek Pierson
49. Carl Borgatti
50. Rich Sutton
51. Young Kim
52. Clark Olson
53. KJ Duke
54. Jose Parapar
55. Rick Thomas
56. Donald Haworth
57. Phillip Lebish
58. John Rundle
59. Aaron Smith
60. Chad Schroeder
61. Kelly Moffatt
62. Roy Ericson III
63. Jon Stadtmueller
64. Don Brady
65. George Headrick
66. Shawn Childs
67. Will Tyrer
68. Bill Strickler
69. Michael Edelman
70. Scott Keikoan
71. Vlad Sedler
72. Chris Schinker
73. Phillip McDonald
74. Gino Yu
75. Glenn Lowy
76. Ted Jarzabek
77. Steve Kraut
78. Mark Miller
79. Michael Pisani
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Re: Who's Competing For "The Lindy"

Postby ChiScottieBaseball » Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:01 pm

TTom, please add my name to the list as I am entered in both the Main and OC Championship. Thanks!
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Re: Who's Competing For "The Lindy"

Postby COZ » Thu Mar 13, 2014 8:29 pm

Thats really effen amazing to think someone actually won both the Main Event and Online Championship overall prizes. Wonder what odds the actuaries had of that happening. Truly Amazing.

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