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The chant "Darryl...Darryl...Darryl!" Has new meaning. Turns out, the fans were just wondering why Strawberry was late to the field?

From the NY Post:

"He couldn’t have scored without them.

Horndog Mets legend Darryl Strawberry revealed Thursday how he used to round the bases with groupies — even between innings during games — with the help of teammates and coaches.

The eight-time All-Star outfielder told Dr. Oz that he would enlist locker-room attendants to fetch frisky female fans from the stands and then get it on with them in the clubhouse in between stints on the field — aided by some very helpful teammates and coaches."

Now it appears the "Straw-man" has turned his life around after the drugs, so that is good. But this new revelation brings a few thoughts to mind:

1) Even with TV, the time between innings in those games where you were not expected to bat (true...with the Mets, if you are fourth up in the inning odds were/are you are not going to get an AB) is pretty quick. Me thinks Darryl needs a new nick name...perhaps "Rabbit"...and not for his base stealing prowess...or "Thumper"?


2) Darryl admitted he did a lot of drugs in those days...I wonder if he knew exactly what/who he was doing in the clubhouse during the games? For example, did the Mets have a turnover (pun intended) issue with the club attendants?


3) I do not know about you, but if I tried to run to be somewhere I was supposed to be AND was trying to zip up at the same time...well, let's just say Thumper's little joy toy may have had it rough in those days...

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