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There is a friend of mine that constantly wants to talk about the virtues of Donald Trump. A life-long NFL Fan, he quit watching the NFL this year because he thinks that is what Trump would like.
I don't get it.
I could not live my life the way others would see fit.
Yet, here is my friend, calling me almost every Sunday, inviting me over to do something besides watch football.
Sometimes I enable him, but most of the time I say 'no' in hopes that he'll do what HE wants to do, not what a public figure would want him to do.

You've seen the situation comedies that make fun of us sports nerds. We're sitting on our favorite chair engrossed in whatever game on television and our wife parades into the room wearing next to nothing, enticing us to notice her more than the game.
What the situation comedy does not show is what goes through our mind when this happens.
Our brain might work like this in order of thoughts....
1. I haven't had any in a long time.
2. This IS a good game though.
3. How much would I miss?
4. Lets see 15 minutes...about one inning.
5. My hitter shouldn't come up this inning, unless it's a long inning.
6. In that case, I could be pleasantly surprised afterwards.
7. Maybe I can make it 10 minutes
"Wife, you are just too alluring, I must put aside everything else for YOU!!!!"

My daughter wants me to get out more. She is a registered dietician. Writing that, I wonder who she has to register with?
She abhors me always watching a game with a bag of Doritos.
Health people have a thing about Doritos.
Bring up the word 'Doritos' to Mike the Mouth and wait for him to explode.
I was in an email draft with Mike the Mouth and a drafter trying to be a smart ass and get under Mikey's skin, wrote something like this....
'Mike, you are up and have been up for awhile. Maybe you're in another meeting or driving in your car, trying to text with one hand on your Big Mac, the other hand on your phone texting, while screaming at your blue tooth about the failures of the NFBC....or maybe you're just contemplating your next crappy pick!"
Mike's response? Classic.
"I would never eat a Big Mac, ever!"

Eating Doritos with a great game on is just short of Heaven for me.
If Donald Trump swore that Doritos were the would have no effect on me.
I would put down my bag for my wife, any time, but I'd always remembered where I left it.
I am at the age where my wife would never parade in front of the television with next to nothing on. There comes an age when that becomes, let's just say, creepy.... and not at all alluring.
My daughter and Mikey have their own lives to lead.
Their lives, God willing, will be longer than mine. That is what they're striving for.
Mine, is just to enjoy the comforts that this old life gives.
A good ball game, a bag of Doritos, and my wife reading her book while looking at me with a bemused smile on her face.

The take from this post is not to be like my friend. Do what you enjoy.
Don't let others sway you to do anything else.
Life is short.
Enjoy it. Your way.
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!
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