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Drafts tell a lot about ourselves. In one way, it's a lie detector system. I swore before this year started that David Dahl is on my 'DO NOT DRAFT LIST'.
I drafted David Dahl.
It's stupid.
Or maybe I am.
I've been involved in three drafts so far. I have one player that I have drafted in all three drafts.
Jason Heyward.
I don't expect a reversal for Heyward. If anything, I expect more of the same from Heyward. There still is that underlying feeling that Heyward does not belong on the drafting shelf in the 25th round.
He is, afterall, going to play. His defense (please don't defend him and state his WAR with defense, please) and his contract almost guarantee's that Heyward will be in most starting lineups.

I just told this story in the draft room that I went to Las Vegas in 2013 for the Main Event. I went to the Sport Book to look at bets. One of those bets was 'Who will hit the most home runs in the coming year.
The favorite at 8-1 odds?
Jason Heyward.
Heyward had come off a 27 home run season and the sky looked like the limit for the slugger.
Unfortunately, Heyward was a pauper for bettors.
Besides hitting 27 homers in 2012, Heyward also struck out 152 times. The Braves thought that Heyward had struck out too much during the year and they 'tweeked' his swing.
Since then, Heyward has never been the same hitter.
Oh, and it worked, by the way. Heyward has never struck out over 100 times in any season since 2012.

We don't know and Jason Heyward probably doesn't know how he should swing.
He has become a lost cause for us and just plain lost for Heyward's psyche.
I can rely on Shandler's stupid, "Once a player displays a skill, he owns it".
For Heyward, his best skill, is making outs.
Mastered it.
That is the skill that defines him right now.
I know that Shandler's comment is supposed to offer hope for players like Heyward, but it would take a renaissance of sorts.
Maybe a chance meeting with a new batting coach along the lines of Curtis Granderson.

It is the nature of drafts. They laugh at us. Calls us liars. Make us look at ourselves and roll our eyes.
Whoever said politics makes strange bedfellows never played fantasy baseball.
All in all though, it is so good to have the drafts back.
Our drafts are similar to our wives, in that they can tell us we're full of shit in just one look.
And in my case, it is deserved.
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!
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