The Devil On the Shoulder

Postby DOUGHBOYS » Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:57 am

This post is mostly for the new folks here to the NFBC.
A lot of you folks do not post for various reasons (thank you for the e-mails and private messages) and that is alright, we know you are out there.
This is mostly a post about a little NFBC history and 'Baseball Furies'.
Baseball Furies is better known as Mike the Mouth.
I'm not sure if that name was given to him by me, somebody else, or Mike himself.
But it is his now :D

I read Mike the Mouth's novella this morning. Or, we could say, his State of our Union Address.
Nothing makes me smile more than his posts.
In the past, MTM has had his run-in's with just about everybody on the Boards. It is the nature of his beast.
It's hard being a contrarian in a world that portends political correctness.

For those that are new to the NFBC, Mikey is not somebody to fear. At least here.
When you meet him in person, you will see a mountain of a man with muscles on top of muscles.
I swear, I think about Mikey when going to a restaurant and look at all the wonderful items on the menu, only to order a damn salad and mutter, "This one's for you, Mikey."
For every pound of muscle on Mike, I double it with two pounds of Doritos dust.

Anyway, Mikey is not to be feared. He is somebody to listen to. A strong voice among all of us who are passionate about this game of ours.
Quite simply, Mikey is the devil on Greg's shoulder.
If there is a shortcoming in the NFBC, Greg can hear Mikey barking from New York to Iola.
Without a tin can.

A short history for you newer folks...
We believe we have the best fantasy baseball players in the world at the NFBC.
The best of those best participate in the Main Event.
It has been this way for 15 years.
And through those 15 years, Greg and Tom have worked their asses off to make these events what they are.
When it comes to public and private customer service, there could be nobody better than Greg and Tom.
Simply, the best.
BUT....and it is a big BUT...
Somehow, we always get the shaft when it comes to the overall company that is running the website.
Simply, the website of the NFBC has never matched either our prowess with fantasy baseball, nor Greg and Tom's wonderful customer service.
It has been the poop in our collective fantasy baseball punch bowl for 15 years.

To make matters worse, we have shifted to three or four different companies during that time and the same mistakes are made over and over.
We don't test new draft rooms. That is for for Greg, Tom, and this new guy, Darik.
I don't know.
He's on third base
It seems a waste of our talents, especially since it is our talents that will be using the darned things.
Oh well.
With each switch to companies, Greg promises that things will be better.
Almost to the point where we feel like the website will match our passion and Greg and Tom's service.
It never has.
And again, it hasn't this time around.

I know we're still early in this new regime.
I know that.
BUT, and again it's a big BUT...these folks have known this was going to happen for a long, long time.
Like Mikey, I feel that all the threads used for fixes and suggestions were just a waste of time.
And like past regimes, they will get to the 'fixes' whenever Cousin IT gets to it.

We veterans have become accustomed to the sites not being what we want them to be.
We've had 15 years of practice!
We know that the site isn't THE big thing in making this special.
We are.
It is us that makes this all work.
It is Greg formulating the idea to put the best together.
And it is US, the best that make it work.
Would we like to have the best website too?
Damned right.
BUT, and I promise this is the last big but, we don't have to.
We have become very efficient at making these mediocre sites work for us.
Greg is right to expect more from each new group.
And Mikey is right to call him out when it doesn't happen.

Greg and Mikey are the same person with different jobs.
Greg is passionate about trying to bring the best fantasy baseball players together under one roof.
His dedication to doing this is beyond reproach.
He works tirelessly in putting together events and drafts at live events and online that is on par to that of his clientele's skills.

Mikey also wants what is best for the NFBC.
He is also just as passionate about the NFBC and its provisions for its customers.
He will be the loudest voice when any part of the NFBC process is sub-standard.
And like Greg, he wants what is best for the NFBC as a whole.

Think of MTM as you will. A blowhard, a loud mouth, an egotist.
Whatever you like.
I think of him as a passionate, over-muscled, loud, and (he'll hate this) sweetheart of a guy.
We need a guy like Mike.
Again, for you new people, he is not somebody to dismiss or fear.
He is the devil on Greg's shoulder and no matter how many times Greg's changes shirts, he will be there.
Reminding Greg of shortfalls that remain in the NFBC.
And for us, it couldn't be a more loud or better voice to have.
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!
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Re: The Devil On the Shoulder

Postby Baseball Furies » Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:51 am

Wow, Dough, this was unexpected, yet very much appreciated, my friend. And damn you to hell for being spot on with every word of it! :roll: ;) After reading it though, and I had this strange urge to want to ask you out on a date. :o :mrgreen: Anyway, thanks for the props and the little history lesson for anyone who was interested. Hopefully all of this will lead to bigger and better things for us all as members of this amazing brotherhood and community that we have created over the years. Seeing you back out in Vegas this year will definitely be one of the highlights of my time out there, and hopefully you will make some time for us to hang at the party if I can pull one off in this new venue, and maybe do a lunch or something. I promise to eat more than a salad. Okay, I'll make it two salads with a few Doritos on the side to make you happy. Do they make gluten-free Doritos by any chance? ;) And fun fact: As a teen, I went through a phase when I was eating a bag of Doritos almost daily before I saw the light and became reformed. Gotta go sharpen up my pitchfork for tomorrow. Talk soon and hope to get you into one of my DC's soon. Thanks man.


And P.S. Just an FYI, it was that fucker, Jupinka, who saddled me with the Mike the Mouth moniker many years ago now. Can't figure out for the life me how he came up with it though... :twisted:
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