There's A New Kid In Town

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Aaron Boone is the new Manager of the New York Yankees. He replaces one of the most successful Managers in baseball, Joe Girardi.
We don't know what went on behind the scenes with Girardi. We do know it was 'something' since Girardi did not get fired for the usual reasons a Manager gets fired.
Girardi is a hands-on Manager.
If Gary Sanchez is allowing too many passed balls, EVERYBODY knows that Girardi thinks Sanchez is allowing too many passed balls.
The modern player finds this hard to handle...cough, cough, pussies, cough, cough.....

Hiring Boone sends several signals.
The first is that a baseball Manager's job has changed. In game management is taken for granted. It says that any baseball guy can manage a game.
Managing a game has become more push-button for Managers.
Starters do not come out when they're tired. They come out when pitch counts are met.
Lefties/Righties are easy now.
Hit and runs are almost non-existent.
Running depends on a Manager's taste.
Rotate the bullpen.
Too easy.

The tough part are the personalities.
Players do not look at a Manager as a 'Boss' or a mentor.
He looks at him as the guy who puts in the lineup and makes sure everybody is on the same page.
A little like a teacher taking roll and making sure everybody is on the same page.
Only these kids are making more money than their 'teacher'.
Making the Manager's job tougher.

The days of the 'wise Manager' are gone.
We now have Managers that mesh with their players.
Joe Girardi is not a 'mesher'.
Mike Scioscia is not a 'mesher' either.
He'll be leaving us after this coming year.
Buch Showalter is not a mesher and the Orioles get worse.
Terry Collins, Dusty Baker, John Farrell, Mike Matheny are not meshers. All are gone or most likely, on their way out.

Joe Maddon, AJ Hinch, Aaron Boone, and Dave Roberts are meshers.
Even cheerleaders.
A Manager no longer has to be stale or have no facial expressions.
Dave Roberts could have had pom poms during the post-season.
Right now, Joe Maddon is plotting something to be thought of as cool by his players.
The Manager has gone from boss to friend with a lineup card.
Closed door policy to tweet buddy.

Is it good?
No and yes.
The fan likes a Manager with fire.
The Manager with fire is dead.
There are no Earl Weaver, Bobby Cox, or Lou Piniella tirades any longer.
No Martin vs. Jackson.
No Piniella vs. Dibble.
If there is, it'll be kept under wraps. It wouldn't be politically correct now.
Girardi calling out Sanchez may be the last time a Manager calls out a player.

Fans also enjoy their Managers enjoying the game with laughs and smiles.
Dodger fans love Roberts and his pseudo pom poms.
Maddon is loved because he is 'different'.
I picture Boone as being player-like. High-fiving a player who craves it, while not calling out a player like Sanchez who lacks focus in a part of his game.
It's a transformation that is good for the players.
Like most changes in the game today.
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Re: There's A New Kid In Town

Postby SpinningSeams » Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:19 am

I miss the manager with fire. I miss the tirades. Now most of the time its holding a finger up signify "wait, we are reviewing the play."

I miss the hat throw, the dirt kick, the base being stolen (literally) during a game.

Is that really better for baseball? A kindler, gentler baseball? Next thing your gonna say, we shouldn't have brush backs...Oh brother.

Damn Millennials..!
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