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Trea Turner lost 2B and OF eligibility from 2017 to 2018.
Trea Turner hit two less home runs from 2016 to 2017.
Trea Turner lost 60 points of batting average during that time too.

So, of course, Turner moves up in ADP to number four Overall.

Byron Buxton is going in the fourth round of some drafts.
Like Turner, he has showed signs of speed and power that drafters crave.
It's those darned fences that crash into him that keeps me away....

Buxton is like Brett Gardner with more God-given talent.
Gardner crashed into things when young too.
Exuberance of the young.
Gardner averaged under 300 at bats in his 20's.
550 at bats in his 30's.
Sometimes, health is a skill......

Speaking of health...
I was laughed at when I said it is better to be fat for baseball than rippling with muscles.
That's right Bartolo. That's right, CC. Laugh all the way to the bank.
By the way, Sabathia needs about 150 strike outs for 3,000 in his career.
Except for asterisked pitchers Clemens and Schilling, every pitcher with 3,000 k's are in the Hall.
Would you vote for Sabathia?......

Josh Donaldson's RBI totals for the last three years....




This one is just weird....

Jose Ramirez had more extra base hits (91) than RBI (83)

This one is odd as well...
Anthony Rizzo had the same kind of stats and games played as the previous year...
Except, he struck out 18 less times.....and dropped 19 points of batting average....

Lorenzo Cain will be 32 years old next year.
He has hit 10 home runs two times in his career.....

Name 10 players that have hardly any trade rumors, that will be traded this off season, he said, asking himself....

Yasmani Grandal

Brandon Belt

Michael A Taylor

Randal Grichuk

Jed Lowrie

Keon Broxton

Joc Pederson

Dan Straily

Ian Kinsler

Trevor Story
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I did hear a Grandal trade rumor with the emergence of Barnes.
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