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Baseball has been called the 'National Pastime' by many for years. For me, it has always been that and so much more.
Personally, football has always been my pastime during the long baseball off season.
But, something has happened with that this year.
I've lost interest with football.
I started asking myself why.
Sure, I could blame it on Kaepernick or the other idiots who sit down during the National anthem, but it wasn't just that.
It's the game itself.
Players have become so huge that when their is a good hit, it results is an injury or penalty.
Injuries and penalties and, of course, replays, may be the most boring things for fans.
And there is a lot of boredom each Sunday now.

Here are some other items that I am grateful for in baseball that football has incorporated...

1. I am grateful that index cards have never been used a source of measurement in baseball.

2. I am grateful that at least from a 'look see' perspective, baseball has handled steroids.
Football arms are Popeye with spinach arms. Only everybody acts the part of Bluto.

3. I am grateful that baseball owners rarely go on a baseball field.
An owner who shows 'solidarity' with a player on the field is the same owner who never does so at the bargaining table .

4. I am grateful baseball does not have time out commercials.
My favorite is coming back from a touchdown commercial.
Then watching the ensuing kickoff fly over the end zone, cueing another commercial.

5. I am grateful that baseball has Mike Trout, Jose Altuve, and Mookie Betts as some of their most well-known players.
Players in the prime of their lives.
The NFL's most recognized player? 40 year old Tom Brady.

6. I am grateful that in baseball, we know what a catch is.
We used to know what a catch was in football.
Man! They sure screwed that up!

7. I am grateful that in baseball, we don't have to define what a 'baseball move' is.
What exactly is a 'football move' ?

8. I am grateful that in baseball, players like Yelich and Realmuto want to leave a team so they can win.
In football, Martavis Bryant types want to leave because they don't get the ball enough.

9. I equate a walk, single, or double in baseball to a first down in football.
I am grateful that Joey Votto does not make an over exaggerated first down point each time walking.

10. When thinking of Barry Sanders, we think of two things.
Tackles missed on him and handing the ball to the referee when scoring.
I am grateful that baseball players do not become pseudo choreographers when hitting a home run.
A touchdown in the NFL now requires a celebration longer than the play that got them in the end zone.
Barry Sanders had it right.

One thing the two sports do share is over analyzing.
Every move on a football and baseball field is judged to the Nth degree.
To tell the truth, it was more fun with Don Meredith and Dizzy Dean and their primitive, more entertaining banter.
Every analyst, every reporter is trying to be smarter than the other.
It gets old in both sports.
Describe the play and let us, the viewer, figure some things out on our own.
Most of the time, analysts are telling us what we already know anyway.
They too, could take up for Barry Sanders.
Make point(s) and move on.
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!
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