Everybody Has the Damned Answers

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Everybody has the answers. And when everybody has the answers, the questions get muddied.

I know very little about politics.
What I do know would fit in the empathetic part of a politicians brain.
What I do know is that politics has changed.
When our country was built, it was the politicians job to represent his people.
If folks liked the way they were represented, that politician would get re-elected.
Then, somebody had the answers and the question got muddied.
Now, politicians do not represent the people. They represent what looks good to people.
His main focus, re-election from the get-go.
Not by representing his people correctly, but looking good and saying the right things.
It was better in the old days when not listening to these politicians. Only judging them on their votes.

Having all the answers has hurt sports as well.
Football is so screwed up, it is almost unbearable.
The quarterback can be hit....
But not too hard
But not when 'sliding'
But not in certain places on the field
But not in certain parts of his body
Soon, fans will be pointing at any defender and say incredulously, "HE HIT THE QUARTERBACK!"

A catch with any non-clutching by the receiver is scrutinized to the Nth degree, before being decreed a catch or non-catch.
A forward pass or fumble is treated the same way when going awry from a quarterbacks hands.
There is no flow to the game of football.
There are too many folks that have the answers.
Not only the questions have been muddied, but the game itself has too.

Have you watched a Little League game lately?
There are millions of rules designed to 'protect' the kids.
My grand kids felt so protected that they lost interest.
Pitch counts and playing time should not be part of baseball rules.
Throughout time, playing time has been a source of pride. A 'I am better than you' confidence.
Guaranteeing playing time for a player who is not as skilled as others is silly.
It is like taking the skilled player, who is a 'D' student to a 'Knowledge Bowl'.
Now tell me, would they guarantee him playing time at that event?
Heck no, baseball is considered an 'everybody is welcome' event now.
While smart games are only for the smart. Which is stupid.

Baseball players are coached at every level.
Their parents go to see games.
When said player does nothing that the coach taught him and messes up a play for his team?
His parents say, "That's ok, Billy!"
It's not ok!
He did not follow his coaching.
If that same parent was in the classroom and the instructor asked Billy, "How many ounces are in a 12 ounce can of Pepsi?"
And Billy answers "FOUR!"
Do you think the parent would shout OUT, "That's ok, Billy!"
Billy didn't have the answer on the field or in the classroom.
Excusable on the field, not in the classroom. THAT'S OK, PARENTS!

The Hall of Fame has all the answers.
It's just that the voters never did know what the questions were.
Does Clemens belong in the Hall of Fame?
Joe Jackson?

Why no, they are bad men!
This all said while OJ Simpson's plaque is in the Football Hall of Fame (and nobody cares)
This all said while noted gamblers and white supremist, Ty Cobb and Tris Speaker are in the Hall of Fame (and nobody cares)
The Hall of Fame is hoidy toidy.
They actually think that most of America cares who goes into the Hall of Fame.
That somehow the inclusion of Jackson, Rose, Bonds, Clemens, etc would sully their name.
Voters should vote on the premise of one question.
'Was this player one of the best of his time?'
Instead, they judge whether a player was 'nice', gave 'good interviews', or try to staticize them (yeah, I just made that word up)

Politics, baseball, little league baseball, football, and the Hall of Fame all started out as well-meaning and entertaining.
For years and years, they were.
Until all these smart people started ruining it.
It is time for us 'D' students to go ruin their 'Knowledge Bowl'


Sorry for the surliness in this post.
Sometimes, the world just gets to me.
And unlike the world, I don't have the answers.
On my tombstone-
Wait! I never had the perfect draft!
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