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Postby DOUGHBOYS » Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:28 pm

Some responses to the fake or no news from roto writers....

Jayson Werth says he thinks he has a few good years left....

Jayson, all of us feel the same way about ourselves.

Chris Tillman got permission to work out at the Orioles facilities....

With the stipulation that Tillman not leave his 7.84 ERA or 1.89 WHIP cooties behind.

The Astros are inquiring about Gerrit Cole...

There is nothing going on so you tell us that teams are 'interested in' or 'inquiring about' players.
When you have something REAL, let us know, ok?

The Orioles only expect Zack Britton to miss half the year...

This is like thinking that a divorced wife is only 'expected' to take half your stuff.

Matt Duffy has no anxieties at all about his past injuries...

The 'What, me worry?" approach worked for Alfred E. Neuman, it can work for Duffy too, right?

Maikel Franco was suspended three games for partying in the Dominican League....

Well, if anybody has a right to celebrate after a great year, it's Maikel Franco.

Teams are checking in on Christian Yelich, JT Realmuto, Justin Bour, and Starlin Castro....

No shit? I mean, really, no shit?

Bob Nightengale says that JD Martinez has a five year offer from the Red Sox and Eric Hosmer has a seven year offer from the Padres....

Not one other writer has either story, but Nightengale has both.
Nightengale is either a helluva reporter or just bored shitless like the rest of us.
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