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I put in my list for FA this week and the results are as folows:

1. Sean O'Sullivan $1 Previous claim in list was won.

2. Hong-Chih Kuo $1 Previous claim in list was won.

3. Carlos Monasterios $1 Previous claim in list was won.

4. Mitch Talbot $1 Previous claim in list was won.

5. Scott Sizemore $1 Previous claim in list was won. ($13)

6. Todd Helton $21 Success

I had Helton as my 6th choice to pickup but it gae me him over my first 4 choices that no one else put in bids on. Also, now my team won't let me put Helton on my bench and put in Pettitte as pitcher in order to get my lineup in compliance. Why did my pickups not give me my first, second, third or fourth choices? Also, how do I get my team into compliance

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Postby Greg Ambrosius » Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:47 am

All bids are processed in the order of highest dollar amount to lowest. We have had a yellow bar above your league home page for the last two months to remind folks of that. Sorry if you missed that. Going forward we obviously need to prevent owners from making bids in the way you did above so that no confusion happens again.
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